The truth is simple – Part 1

The truth is simple

God in his infinite wisdom, made the truth about life so simple; The truth is not esoteric; it is not difficult to understand; You do not need a university degree, a diploma, a certificate, or special training or education to understand the truth; You do not need to belong to a club, a group or … Read more

Don’t be selfish: think of others as better than yourselve

Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves

Selfish people care only about themselves, understand only their needs, and see only their perspective. Selfishness renders us unlovely to both God and others. It is not only about our convenience, we should always consider how our decisions affect our friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers etc.It is not only about pleasing ourselves, we should always … Read more

Why you need to appreciate your life experiences

life experience

Be thankful to God for your life experiences: they are for your faith and spiritual growth; They make you understand life and the word of God; You will declare His faithfulness; They make you find your true identity; You will be firm and understand the enemy strategies; You will not repeat your previous mistakes; You … Read more

Be gentle and understand peoples motive

If they are afraid or scared, speak peace; If they are discouraged, speak words of exhortation; If they are confused, bring clarity; If they are envious, don’t steer up their insecurities; If they seek conflict, walk away and don’t give them the room; If they need help, assist;