How To Avoid Bad Advice And Stay Blessed

Blessed is the man who does not take counsel(advice) from the ungodly nor associate with sinners. This summarizes Psalms 1, and provides a powerful insight on how to be successful in life.
Our lives are usually the result of our decisions, and these decisions usually come from the advice we get from various people and from various means;
A single bad advice can cause us many sorrows and lead to lives of regrets, pains and frustrations;
Many regrets of today is “had I known”;
Be very careful seeking advice from someone who you know envies you. Someone who is jealous of you, understands the consequences of certain actions, will deliberately mislead you, and this can lead you to years of many sorrows and regrets;
Many immigration regrets of today are as a result of bad advice from envious people you see as friends. Many foreigners get into trouble because of wicked people they thought were helping them; many of them fail to settle down, they struggle for many years, because of people they should have avoided, those who hate them but pretend to be their friend. Because of trust, they may not even realize this.
Some immigration lawyers will continuously give you misleading advice, just to make more money from you, not minding the painful consequences, not concerned about the years of sorrow, suffering, frustration and regrets. Be careful of who you call or take as your lawyer.
Often time, we do not realize we are getting counsel from the things we see, the people we call friends, the celebrities or influencers we follow, the TV programs we watch, the channels we subscribe to, the social media pages we follow, the groups we join etc;
Just one ungodly film or movie you watch can alter your believe and limit you for the rest of your life; you many not even know it.
Reading a book whose writer has an evil intent, could be a major stronghold in your life. Because you believe what you have read, this will start to influence your actions, even without you realizing it;
A great sorrow is to be under a false prophet, a fake pastor or a so-called man of God. This is a terrible thing – to be constantly bombarded by lies and deceptions from false teachings. This is one of the greatest limitations in life. This is the main reason people are suffering and never amount to anything in life.
If you have been serving God for many years and are not making any progress in life, it is time to think about who your pastor or teacher is; it’s time to reflect on the kind of message you are receiving;
Any teaching that bases your success on the amount of money you have to first give to God, is a false teaching. Leave this place, you cannot grow here, you cannot get sound counsel here.
Any teacher that asks you to sow seed into his life, after praying or ministering to you, is a false teacher. If you are under this kind of preacher, please leave immediately;
Stop going to any church that compels you to give or that makes you feel guilty for not giving money; stop visiting any church that rewards or honours people for the amount of money they have contributed. You cannot get sound teaching there. You will be bound, you may not succeed, you may not be able to live a prosperous life.
It is foolishness for a poor member to be giving to a rich pastor, especially for things like birthday or a seed in his life. Is it not obviously wrong for someone, who is struggling to pay his bills, to be continuously sowing money into the life of a teacher who is living in affluence, who is living a luxurious lifestyle?
One who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and one who gives gifts to the rich—both come to poverty – Proverbs 22:16
If you belong to a group, an association, a union, a cult, or any kind of party or society, think of the laws or rules you have accepted into your heart, reflect on the things you abide by, it may be the reason you are bound; it may be the reason you are not progressing;
If you want to succeed in life, depart from evil, don’t associate with ungodly people, don’t take advice from those who don’t fear God, don’t take bribe, don’t mislead others, hate fraud, hate dishonesty, treat others kindly, and ask God for wisdom.
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